Amazon Prime Now: Tips?

Is using Amazon Prime Now still an option to have items delivered to resorts?
I can get Resort Address:
And I think need to also indicate Guest Name / Arrival Date within address.

(used a couple years ago, and worked great… so wanted to make sure still ok)

Thank you!

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I’ve used it four times. Here’s how I have my address stored for it in my Prime Now account. My name; GUEST reservation # on the first line, second line has hotel name and address. It’s been delivered to my room before I have arrived. If I was already at the hotel when it arrived, I called bell service and had them bring it to me.

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amazon prime now worked great for me. i placed the order while boarding my flight and the items were ready to be picked up at bell services when i arrived.

the address used for pofq was:

  • 2201 ORLEANS DR
  • LAKE BUENA VISTA, FL 32830-8424

i didn’t include my reservation number in the address.

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We use it every trip, no issues. I always include reservation number and arrival date in the address. Probably no need to do so, but I do anyway. :slight_smile: