Am I the Only One

Am I the only one that thinks &DMT is not that great? Because of all the heightened buzz and fondness for the film, we were looking forward to this MK attraction. My DD19 and I felt like we wasted our FPPs on a VERY short uneventful ride. We thought it would be a cute tamer version of BTRR but it felt like it was over before it began. If I had young kids or grandkids, I’d ride with them but as an adult with no emotional connection to the ride (sense it wasn’t an attraction from yesteryear) I’d skip it next time.
Any others felt this way?


Well…I agree and I don’t. It is very short (too short). However, it’s a very smooth ride, it’s sorta fun and unique if you make your wagon rock sideways, and the effects in the mine are beautiful. But the very short duration is disappointing.


I do think the ride is overrated. I’m always surprised that it has as long of lines as it does. But it makes sense since 1) people have a certain fondness for Snow White as the first Disney film, and it is treated very nicely in the ride as opposed to “scary” adventures; 2) it’s a thrill ride, even though a tame one, which automatically makes it a headliner; and 3) since it is tame, even most kids will not be too scared by it. I was able to get my son (5 at the time) on it long before I was able to get him on BTMR.

If the exact same ride minus the themed elements were located at Six Flags, it would be dead. It’s not nearly thrilling enough to attract adrenaline junkies.


I think the ride is popular because it is fun and nostalgic and appeals to all ages. Combines some element of a coaster with a beloved Disney classic. Yes, it’s not for thrill seekers, but I really enjoy it

we felt exactly like this the first couple of times we rode it, but since then we’ve really come to enjoy it…yes it is short but its very well done and all the things @jflaff said…

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The opposite actually. It had been open a couple of years before I rode it so I’d had a couple of years listening (or reading) to people saying that it was way too short, not worth more than a 20 min wait. I almost skipped it, but decided to get a FP for it on one of our MK days. We loved it! DH isn’t a coaster fan so it was about his speed. DS and I love coasters, the bigger the better, but we thought it was great fun. I was sorry we could only do it once.


I enjoy 7DMT, but I really wish WDW would have stuck with the original plan for the ride instead of focusing on the short term concerns of completion time and budget. Or at least cut something else out of the plans so 7DMT could be done right per the original plan.

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I think it’s a great attraction. However, for what it is, the lines are too long. But if that takes people out of the lines for the big mountains, great!

It is fun.

All three seconds of it.

Its fun. Just not worth the wait

I agree that 7DMT is a good introduction for kids to roller coasters.

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How was the original 7DMT plan different?

It is VERY smooth. My mom, who has motion sickness issues, rode it no problem whereas BTMRR put her out of commission for a couple of hours. In general, though, my family would agree with your sentiment. They never get excited about riding 7D when talking about future trips. They’re all about that MK mountain range!

I think it was originally planned to be twice as long.

My understanding is that the track was supposed to much longer and there were 2 indoor areas planned instead of 1.