Am I doing something wrong?

Hi All,
I have just joined touring plans and have loved making a start on planning my days however I think I might be doing something wrong as I have planned two days one at MK and one at Universal. I have selected the dates we are going MK 1st August Universal 28th July and the wait times it is showing are much shorter than I was expecting at this time of year. Are the wait times quite accurate now or will they increase as we get closer to the date (I had thought that they would be an accurate reflection of the date of travel now) Sorry if this sounds like a stupid question and hoping that I am just getting a pleasant surprise as to the expected wait times. Thanks

Wait times will adjust as you near your travel dates. That said, because TP has you doing things in a manner different from the typical guest, you have shorter wait times than the typical guest (or than you might expect). That’s sort of the point :wink:

When in doubt, TRUST THE PLAN. It is my go-to mantra because sometimes it seems too good to be true. It might not be timed to the minute every time, but I can say 100% that the only day we have not had a stellar time in WDW was the one day in four trips that we did not follow our plan. Can’t be coincidence in my mind!


I will also add that when I used the “evaluate” (NOT “optimize”) button to update wait times, there was a change in wait times as we got closer to the trip. The good news was that, in our case, we had shorter waits than predicted by Touring Plans, especially earlier in the morning. But to answer your question, you can update wait times by clicking “evaluate” and see if the wait times change. I suggest doing it.

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