Am I allowed to post a Confirmed DVC Reservation for Rent that I can't use?

I have a Bay Lake Tower 2BR reservation for 4/23-26 that I cannot use and wonder if its acceptable to post full details and see if anyone is interested? Some forums have strict rules about things that are “for sale.”

Len has said he is ok with regular posters posting. I would ask that you have interested people PM you.

It is very weird- generally with new members the forum notes it on the post?

Thanks. I have been a Touring Plans user since 2012! Love it! If anyone is interested in the reservation at BLT please PM.

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If I were you, I’d want to start a new thread with the title indicating the reservation, something like “Bay Lake Tower 2BR reservation for 4/23-26 up for grabs.” Otherwise the only people aware of the reservation will be the ones interested in the answer to the question you posted. Those may or may not be the folks who would need a rental right now.

Disclaimer - I’m not a moderator or anything, so I can’t say what the preferred format of these posts would be.

Thank you! I think I did. My disclaimer is that I very new to posting!

Then never mind! Oblivious me didn’t realize that. Sorry! And good luck renting out your reservation.

A touring plans user on chat? Did you just join the forum? I am just really confused why the software didn’t see a new user?

Yes I did just join the forum.

@missoverexcited, will you look to see if I missed something? There was no “let’s welcome…” message.

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I didn’t see the welcome message either.


No I don’t see anything. Very weird.

Their profile does say they completed a new user tutorial. I don’t remember that, maybe it’s somehow over-ridden the “new user” banner?