Am I allowed to order Kids meal for adult


Am I allowed to order a childs meal for an adult at quick service restaurants. I have two teenagers who seem to prefer eating a basic childs meal over an adult one. Given that there is a little note stating ‘for children 9 and under’… does that mean I am not allowed to - or does that mean that the meal is aimed towards satisfying 'children 9 and under"

There’s is no way for them to tell if you are ordering for yourself or a child at QS unless you are at BOG. You should be fine, saves money.

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Even at BOG breakfast and lunch you can order what you like.

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I think they’re letting you know the meal may be for little appetites.

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It means the meal is aimed towards satisying children 9 and under. Disney isn’t going to stop you from ordering a kid’s meal for your teens. They’re happy to take your money for whatever food you care to purchase :wink:

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…Unless you’re at at table service restaurant. Especially on the Dining Plan.

my wife orders children’s portions all the time. If they give you difficulty - get the manager - YOU are paying (a lot and should get what you want). This is why we don’t do the dining plan - my wife usually wants what is on the kid’s meal.


Well, the dining plan has some strict rules, and you are made aware of them in advance. But I’ll clarify. They’re happy to take your money for whatever food you care to purchase provided you’re paying out of pocket. I have heard of people ordering children’s meals and getting an adult-sized portion at an adult price; if you’re trying to avoid that side of things you might have an issue.

Also, on the dining plan, there is no distinction between adult and kid’s credit for QS meals. My understanding is that if you want a child’s meal for an adult on the DDP, they can do that, but I’ve never had to deal with it myself so I can’t speak with any authority on the subject.

This is an interesting and timely question. We are traveling with 4 adults and 2 little kids, all on the regular dining plan. It may be that the kids share a meal from time to time, which will leave us with leftover kids meals. If my husband and I are out late, separate from the kids, and at a full-service restaurant, would I NOT be allowed to order a kid’s meal for myself?

I will not be on the dining plan (unless somehow I get some sort of free dining, which I still have no idea how people get it) :slight_smile:

You will not be able to use a child credit for table service for an adult even ordering a child meal… You would need to pay OOP.

You can do this. Your teens might find the meals too small.

My wife ordered from the kid menu and my son ordered from the adult menu. They are very accommodating - especially if you are NOT on the dining plan and pay $$

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I’m not sure the original OP question was answered in regards to the dining plan. The rule for children and the dining plan for table service restaurants is that children 9 and under must order from the children’s menu. An adult or anyone else can order from the kids menu, but it is not a good use of your credits because the value for the children’s meal is so low.

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