Am I a member, or not?

So how did it go? Were you able to activate?

Going tomorrow. Not sure if it will be tomorrow night or Wednesday morning. Ill let you know.


Just activated 4 of them at AK with a white card. No issues!


Awesome thanks for the update, maybe my ulcer will get better hearing this news lol. I wouldn’t have been so stressed if they hadn’t stopped AP sales in general.

Did you activate at a ticket booth? Also, did you have to show your card?

Went to a ticket booth. They asked to see my card. I pulled up the digital one. The lady said she needed the card. I said they are going digital and this is the only card I have. She took my phone and went to her supervisor and came back with no issues.


I never updated here, but I went on Dec 11 to animal kingdom guest relations to activate, and they denied me. I spent 1.5 hours talking to them. I was mostly upset because they wouldnt sell me a normal AP. I obviously would have bought a normal one if they didnt offer me sorcerors pass (after checking 3 times that i was eligible). They really made my trip start off on a sour note. It is what it is though. Just sad that there’s no consistancy.


Ugh! That is so annoying! I agree they should have made an exception to sell you a normal AP despite the pause.


That’s insanity. You clarified THREE TIMES that they were selling you a Sorcerer Pass. They should have honored what they sold you.

Did they refund you?


I hope they refunded her. What a crock!

As an FYI, I’ve now read several reports of people not being able to activate their Sorcerer’s Pass with a white card at Guest Services at the parks.

They have all been refunded and given the option to either buy the Incredi Pass or tickets. And they kept all their park reservations.


They gave me a refund in a gift card, but did not give me the option to buy an AP of any sort. I would have so been ok with that. I’ll always be sad about it, never look at AK guest relations the same again lol.