AM EMH on Check in Day?

If we are scheduled to check in later that day, are we eligible for AM EMH that day? I know we’d get 60 day FPP for that day. (We’re combining offsite and onsite for our next stay.)

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Yes, absolutely!

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So our MDE would already know that and we’d just check in later?

I would check in online. I’m not sure if you actually need to.

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Agreed to definitely check in online, but MDE will definitely show that you have a resort stay and they will let you in! We are rope dropping MK at 6:30am for EEMH on our check in day and are definitely not stopping at the hotel first!

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Online Check-in does not activate a Dining Plan or the ability to charge against your room. If you need those features during an arrival day EMH or EEMH, you will need to go to the resort first.

Actually it does allow you to charge against the room, you just need to put a pin number in during online checkin. We always just go straight to parks without going to the front desk.

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NOPE … didn’t work last week for 3 different accounts

The whole point of online checking is to have no need to go to the front desk for any reason. But there can obviously always be glitches, even if you have checked in at the desk.

Oh that’s a good point. We won’t have the DDP and will be fine using cards.

I want to back up @linsalt here. Our TA warned us that the online check-in hadn’t activated dining plans for some of her clients. We went to the desk to make sure there weren’t problems for us there.