AM Buses and EMH at Christmas 2018

I’ve just finished reading the 2019 Unofficial Guide for WDW.
My question-we will be in WDW 12/20-12/30. We plan to take advantage of the am EMH each day as often as we can. With the parks opening at 8am for EMH, what time will the Disney buses start running? It appears from what I’ve read, the official “Disney” answer is way different (later) from what I’ve read on forums and seen on videos.
We are prepared for crazy crowds and want to be at the parks waiting to be let in.


Also I may be canceling a BOG lunch res. during our stay. How do I let forum users know if I do this so they might be able to pick it up.
Is this info posted on the forum somewhere?

I believe if you check historical hours MK may offer 7am EMH on many days during that time. The buses definitely are available an hour before opening EMH. There have been reports that the bus times in MDE have not been very dependable but the one time a time they work great is for the earliest buses (those at 6 or earlier).

Hours for your trip will be revised starting around November 15th.

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Agree with @PrincipalTinker.

MK will almost certainly open at 8am for everyone, 7am EMH every day from Christmas Eve /Day onwards.

Of the other parks, AK and DHS may well open at 8am, with Epcot at 8/8:30am. There could also be EMH on a “normal” rota for the non-MK parks in the morning.

In the evening, MK will probably stay open until 1 or 2am on a couple of days, midnight the rest. Other parks not quite so late but still later than usual.

The hours will start getting extended in mid November, but expect further lengthening off hours a couple of weeks before.

As for the BOG ADR, just start a thread with a suitable title: “cancelling BOG @ … “.

Thanks so much for the help. I will keep an eye out for operating hour changes!

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