Alternatives to 'Not so scary' for easily scared

Hi, myself and my 7 year old daughter will be visiting for the first time and our last full day is Oct 31st so I’d like to make the most of it. I’m wondering about not so scary but I’m worried she’ll be scared and whether it’s value for money - it seems like a lot!! Are there any other cheaper, not too scary (more realistic US experiences) we could do instead? We’re staying on international drive but don’t have own transport.

Thanks in advance

Mickey’s Not So Scary is not scary at all! There is a parade, fireworks, trick or treating, rides and shows.

Although not there - I can’t imagine there is much (if anything) that is REALLY scary. I think “not so scary” was probably better marketing than “really lame, and its really just candy and fireworks and stuff like that”

So I wouldn’t worry about it at all. I would however stay away from Universal Studios though

I don’t remember anything there being remotely scary at all. But I’m a grown-up. Haunted House maybe, but that’s there all the time. It’s night-time so than can be a bit spooky.

My review of MNSSHP is coloured by the fact it rained and the whole thing was basically a washout, but I found it a disappointing experience. The parade was OK, but no headless horseman for us because of rain. The fireworks were poor — certainly nothing compared to HEA.

Yes, it was fun dressing up, and there was certainly lots of “free” candy, but it wasn’t really a trick-or-treat experience: you just go up to CMs standing in front of huge barrels full of candy and they scoop some out for you.

It’s not something I’d do again.

I think many people can be at the same party and have completely different experiences. I was at the same party as you. I visited PoC and HM during downpours. We were not willing to wait for the first parade so we decided to walk to Space. When we were walking by 7DMT they were just reopening it so we walked in. After the ride we decided to go to the hub and stumbled on the first parade, stayed where we were and watched the fireworks. We tricked or treated, had some exclusive snacks, and ate at Caseys. We had a great night in spite of the rain!

Edited to add- where did you watch the fireworks from?

I was at a MNSSHP last week with my DS4. He loved it. The parade has some “ghosts”, but potentially scary characters are balanced by Mickey and friends (including chickens!) and fun music. How is your daughter with the Disney villains? Several appear in the parade, and the fireworks have a villains theme. For us, the Haunted Mansion area was the scariest part of our MNSSHP, but I knew from previous times that my son would be ok on the ride. I don’t know how scared your DD7 gets compared to my DS4, though. (The value of the party is another question, but I am glad we did it!)

Does any one know if Celebrations has a Trick or Treat or Trunk or Treat event on Halloween? Not sure how far away it is or if it is even doable without a car, but that may be an option to look into if you aren’t interested in MNSSHP.

Thanks for the replies. We watched a you tube video of ‘Not so Scary’ again and it still freaked her out so we’re going to watch illuminations instead. Fingers crossed we don’t see any ghouls to or from our hotel!

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My perspective is further coloured by the fact that — and I hate to admit this — MK is arguably my least favourite park. Oh sure there’s something that tugs at your heart-strings, and the view down Main Street towards Cindarella’s castle is spectacular, but there’s not that much there that I really enjoy doing. None of the rides are huge draws for me. If I were to go again, I could easily just spend half a day at MK and that would mostly be for atmosphere and HEA.

I saw the MNSSHP fireworks from the bridge on the left-hand side of the castle. An interesting perspective, but the display was nothing compared with HEA, for example.

As I keep saying, I think I’m too old for this kind of thing. (I don’t mean WDW in general.)

I am a strong believer in being in the middle of the hub if at all possible for the special event fireworks. The firework crew said that is where they are designed to be watched from and I am just a sucker for those 360 degree fireworks going off all around me :grinning:

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