Alternative to shorts

For those of you ladies who are like me and don’t love to wear shorts, do you have a go to alternative for the parks? I will be going in April

Thanks for recommendations

Are you at all open to skirts or dresses? I find those to be very comfortable in the warmer weather.

Also athletic leggings


Bolder (formerly Sparkleskirts) - I’m obsessed. They are like swimsuit material - stretchy and dries quickly. I think they are cute and flattering.


I’m just not fan of my thighs being exposed :blush:

I wear capris/skimmers. They’re usually made of much lighter fabric than my go-to blue jeans. Below the knee length.

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Lightweight flowy wide leg pants or trousers.

Rayon or linen, mostly.

I wear dresses with longer swimshorts under them or just find longer length shorts.

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Duluth had these great athletic material capris last year. Had a zip pocket. Were not super tight in the legs. I think I’ll bring those for my trip.

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Super lightweight linen pants. Once in a while, Bermuda shorts that hit just above the knee, but my short legs don’t look great in those.

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I second the vote for lightweight capri pants. I have several from Columbia, Eddie Bauer and North Face. They are my go-to for Disney unless it is cold enough for jeans.


I wear full-length athletic style leggings (i.e. more slippery material not the butter soft lularoe kind). Had to experiment a little on Amazon to find a brand that was cheap but still had a good waistband and weren’t see-through, and found a brand I like that has patterns to go along with our theme outfits (animal print for AK day, fish scales for mermaids/pirates for MK day, etc.). Plus: hold shape and don’t show sweat/spills. Minus: no pockets so have to have bag (we have a stroller still so that’s not a problem for me).

My BFF wears more camping-style pants from Go Ruck or similar, I think they zip off at the knee too. She’s definitely crunchier than I am style-wise but she really likes them for park touring as they are light weight and dry quickly.


I love their skirts. I’m mildly obsessed too. They are so comfy.

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I should have written more! Bolder/Sparkle does have longer shorts/skirts.

I have all the lengths :joy: For those looking for longer - Tall style (formerly known as Hiker) comes to about 3” above my knees and I’m not short). They also have capris - with or without a skirt. All styles are LOADED with pockets.

I’ve had mine many many years and use them as running shorts and they’ve held up very well (machine wash and air dry).

They aren’t cheap, but many of their designs are targeted at Disney fans and they do have discontinued styles at a discount.


Could you give us the Amazon link for these, pretty please?


I have Duluth noGA pants in boot cut, relaxed fit which I wear constantly. Except in lotsa heat.

In cooler weather they’re awesome for park touring.

I’m at Duluth looking now and there’s a noGA I’ve not seen yet. omg - there’s a short option !

Namastash now in boot cut!

Yes the noGa is what I bought in like a capri past the knee length!

Love them!!!

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This is also my problem. I find that the shorter capri pants work well though, just below the knee.

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Would you share the brands you found to be the better? Always looking for a good inexpensive legging
Sorry, i see u posted already, lol, just got a bit excited :joy:

I put a link up there, it’s the Athrock brand. I’ve tried a LOT of crappy Amazon leggings, where it’s almost as if I should’ve just gone to Lulu but theirs are just a little too much compression sometimes. I figure 1 pair of Lulu is like 4 pairs of random Amazon brands and if I hit on just one that I like, it’s actually saving me money lol. Kind of like Disney math.

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