Alternative Princess Meal

Just wondering what princess meal would be good since CRT will be closed when we are there in Feb. I see they are doing a bfast and brunch at citricos similiar to crt. We have been to Akershus. Thinking about doing dinner at 1900 Park Fare since we’ve never been there. We’ll only be there for 3 days two at mk one at EP. Just my dd5 and I

I enjoyed Akershus immensely! and I’ve heard amazing things about the dinner at 1900 (it’s on my bucket list). The stepsisters are hilarious. you can’t go wrong with either one.

and welcome to the forums!!

cool! i think we might try 1900 i’ve yet to go to the grand floridian!

We did Akershus breakfast and 1900 PF dinner on our last trip and Akershus was WAY better for both food and character interaction. Yes, the stepsisters were silly but it was not nearly enough to compare to the attention my DDs received at the breakfast. That said, every visit will be a bit different so you may feel the exact opposite. : ) Either way, you really can’t go wrong with a character meal at WDW.