Alternative Droid Backpacks

My boys (5/7) are interesting in building their droids at droid depot. I’m trying to think of how we would get it around afterwards as I don’t think just the cardboard case will work too long for them. I saw they sell backpacks there but they seemed a little spendy at $50 each.

Was wondering if anyone had tried some alternative packable bags to bring with them?

I think any backpack of a good size would do. But that said, the Droid backpacks are great – they are designed with a special flap so the droid can peek out, and has pockets for the remote.

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The droids seem a bit “spendy” as it is. So at that point, what’s a little more to get a carrier designed for them so nothing happens fitting them into another pack?

Couldn’t they be sent to the front gate or hotel room like any other purchase?

Any medium to large sized backpack will work. The droid bags seemed like a waste to me unless you have alternative use for it.

We carried two BB droids in our regular backpacks for the day. I reckon my daughter even squeezed one into her tiny Loungefly backpack, it was a very tight fit though and the antennas were peeking out.

I don’t really want to send them back (at least right away) since I heard they will interact with some of the elements in GE.


Yes. There is also a play area for kids – even grown up kids – to race and play with them

Droids are $100…a $50 backpack is half again as much!! That’s not insignificant, especially if you are already stretching a bit for the droid.

Some people can afford to do some “spendy” things because they are frugal in other areas.

We’re planning on having ours send back to the hotel, rather than carrying around all day.


LOL, If I used this justification I might as well not bother with a budget at all.

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Just saying that if I were going to do something that “spendy” I would budget for something designed to carry it in and not try to cram it into something smaller and potentially damaging. It would be part of the budget for doing the “spendy” thing to begin with.

My 3 kids are buying their droids with the gift cards they have gotten from Christmas and their birthday. They don’t have another $50 to spend on back packs. And I’m not going to tell them they can’t make them because they can’t afford the backpack.

OP, I’ve been looking for the same thing. I think my kids will have to choose to send theirs back to the room or carry them in their carry-on back packs that day.


Sorry for stating an opinion. Won’t do it again.

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If it helps… About 11 minutes into this video he shows some close ups of the backpack. One thing he points out is that there is a large foam insert fixed to the inside which might prevent it from being used as an everyday backpack.

I’ve also seen people use some kind of netting to carry their droid in. Like a soccer ball net-bag maybe.


@lizzieanne771 I agree with you. If you are going to budget for a special thing, you should include all of the extras that would require the special thing to be used properly and maintained properly. The OP posted about not wanting to carry the FREE cardboard boxes around, so there is no need to buy something to protect it, but OP wanted something. So people gave suggestions, no reason for everyone to get so catty. Keep civil and carry on.


That is so cute and I really want to build a purple R2D2 and a purple BB8 so this is giving me droid envy…


So I gotta be honest, when I read your reply this morning it rubbed me the wrong way, the way Disney nickel and dimes you for things can be frustrating. I am sorry for my snotty reply.

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