Allowed to bring on ship?

So, I read through the list that Disney provides of what not to bring, but don’t have a clear answer. I figured I’d ask y’all.

On the list, it says:
“Electrical appliances and components

  • Blenders”

(Along with a whole list of electrical appliances that all plug into the wall.”

Is it safe to assume this is for appliances and whatnot that plug in? I ask because I have a little battery-operated blender (a BlendJet) that I’m hoping to bring with. :grimacing:


If it’s battery-powered and not plug-into-the-wall-socket you should be fine. The issue is power works differently on ships than on land.

That’s along the lines of what I assumed, but it wasn’t specifically spelled out.

Now, of course, the question is whether or not to stay good on my “diet” during the cruise or throw caution to the wind. :rofl: I really should be good, but man… the food! Lol.

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My husband and I had the same dilemma before our cruise (4/1-4/8). We both stay pretty low carb at home but when you are going on a cruise part of the cost and the experience is the food. Up until about a month before our vacation I was thinking I would stick with my dietary restrictions but then decided to go with the flow—it is vacation anyway. I still stuck with the food I prefer anyway (e.g. I’m not tempted by potatoes, pasta dishes or the bread basket)…but I got my fill of dessert (more than one when I couldn’t decide), soft serve and popcorn. My husband went for everything. We each gained 5 pounds on the cruise but within a week of being home and back to my normal diet I was back to my baseline. My husband has had a little harder time transitioning back to low carb since returning home.
I’ll also say that once I made my decision, I started looking at all the menus on line and pretty much knew what I would want at every dinner weeks prior to the cruise.
You will end up making the right decision for you and either way you are going to have a great time!


I’ve done two Disney cruises and ate what I wanted, including desserts, and didn’t gain any weight. I did eat primarily the fish/seafood dishes which is what I preferred. At home, I may only have fish/seafood once or twice a week. It may depend on what you choose to eat. For breakfast, I’d eat the smoked salmon, asparagus, and grilled tomatoes. Not something I’d eat at home but really enjoyed it. I did add a side of bacon on a day or two. I will say I did hit the gym for a run or walked the ship deck most days to exercise. Maybe that helped as well.

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I haven’t specifically brought a blender so I can’t help you but you should know that even if they don’t let you bring it up they don’t just “throw it away”. This isn’t the TSA, you don’t have to part with your blender. They just set it aside to be picked up after you cruise.


Yeah, this is the thing. I’m keto/low carb for both medical reasons and to lose weight. My big thing, though, is I do shakes for breakfast because one of my main issues is not getting enough calories each day. I just don’t eat much, so the shakes set the day for me. But I f I only gain 5, I’ll be happy. I guess I need to take a look at some menus!

Color me jealous!! If I just look at a dessert, I gain 10 pounds. :rofl:

This is actually really good to know! I wasn’t sure what they did with things that were “forbidden.”

Thank you all! I knew you Liners would get me. :blush: