Allergy info

When you book an ADR online, how do you let them know about food allergies? Is there a place to type it in or do I need to call?

There is a way to indicate food allergies on the res - I was told by my agent that it isn’t super important as they pretty much deal with it when you arrive. My kids and I are allergic c to dairy and gluten - at each place a chef came out and walked the buffet or went over options with us. I was very pleased.

I also know this isn’t what you asked but I find this site helpful when considering restaurants -

@raina.murdock is correct in that they deal with it when you arrive. However, it saves time if they know ahead of time simply for having the allergy menus in hand when they take you to the table.

If you have very complex allergies, it can be beneficial to contact

Another strategy is to make all of your ADRs and then call Dining to add the allergies to your existing ADRs. That makes your 180 day out a bit easier. It’s up to you how you handle it.

When you’re placing the reservation, there is a spot to mark food allergies. However, if you forget, in your rush to make reservations…you can call and add the big ones (Gluten, Dairy, Shellfish, Peanuts, etc). If it is a less common allergy, like mine, if you call…they just tell you to let your server know when you arrive (so don’t spend your time calling). They’re very good about it at all of the restaurants that I’ve visited.

When you make your ADR after you enter your credit card you get:

Credit Card Guarantee

Reservation Contact

And then

Special Requests

Please tell us about any special dietary or accessibility requests for your dining party.
This has an option for you to ADD
if you click on ADD you get this:

Special Requests

Special Dietary Requests

Specify which foods may be an issue for your dining party. In addition, please indicate your dietary requirements upon arrival at the dining location

  1. Corn
  2. Milk
  3. Peanut
  4. Fish
  5. Shellfish
  6. Wheat/Gluten
  7. Egg
  8. Other
  9. Soy
  10. Tree Nut

Please inform the server, Chef, or Manager on duty of any special dietary requests when arriving at the restaurant. All Guests have the opportunity to consult with a chef or Special Diets Trained Cast Member if desired.

Many Walt Disney World restaurants can handle the following requests without prior notice: Vegetarian, Vegan, No Sugar Added, Low Sodium, Low Carbohydrates, Diabetes and Gastric Bypass or Lap Band.

Kosher and halal meals can be accommodated at table-service restaurants and should be requested 24 hours in advance by calling (407) WDW-DINE or (407) 939-3463. Guests under 18 years of age must have parent or guardian permission to call. For a list of locations (including quick-service locations) that can accommodate kosher and halal requests without advanced notice, email

If you have a metabolic disorder, 4 or more allergies or have additional questions or concerns, please email or call (407)824-5967 between 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST. Guests under age 18 must have a parent or guardian permission to call.

We use reasonable efforts in our sourcing, preparation and handling procedures to avoid the introduction of the named allergens into your menu choices. While we take steps to prevent cross-contact, we do not have separate allergy-friendly kitchens and are unable to guarantee that a menu item is completely free of allergens. Allergy-friendly offerings are reliant on supplier ingredient labels. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of the contents of each food item. Allergen advisory statements (e.g., “may contain”) are not regulated and therefore not taken into consideration when developing allergy-friendly meals. It is ultimately our Guests’ discretion to make an informed choice based upon their individual dietary needs.


My nephew has multiple food allergies and after we put it in the “Special Diet Requests” the chefs actually called to plan the menu for each restaurant. The Special Diets team will also answer questions and send you lists of their menus broken down by allergens. We decided against QS. We only planned 3 TS meals for our trip because it is so nerve racking to have someone else cook for him but had we known how well they do it we would have done more. They were all safe and delicious! This is not a kid who enjoys food and he enjoyed all of it. Since we were able to see so many of the ingredients ahead of time we knew there were not any snacks or treats that would be safe for him so we were able to plan ahead. We made desserts and had snacks and food delivered through Amazon Prime Now. We made a lot of Mickey shaped desserts which made eating them in the parks fun!