All you single ladies (and solo travelers): Are you comfortable using rideshares?

Never used Uber/Lyft, and as a single gal traveling solo the whole rideshare concept has always struck me as being very unwise.

Have you done it? Felt comfortable? Taken any specific precautions to offset the risks associated with getting into a car with a stranger?

Give me your thoughts!

When the driver arrives have the driver give you YOUR name that way you know it’s your driver. You can let others know who you are traveling with and to where on the app. Check the license plate number of the car when it arrives.


DD22 takes them around NYC all the time. Follow @JenniferB1975’s advice and you will be fine.


Yep! Never had a problem. The app always shows the license plate number, the color/make/model of the car, and has the driver’s picture. Uber also has a feature where you can select the color the symbol turns.

I do NOT do the shared ride option as you don’t know what you are getting into there.


I inadvertently did a ride share earlier in the year en route to Disneyland. My plane was delayed and got to LAX more than 12 hours late. Their version of Magical Express had stop running at 8:00 and I didn’t have a backup plan. Ended up Googling a place that set me up with a ride share. I was so tired I didn’t even consider what ride share meant. A stranger picked me up and he already had a passenger (male.) It was creepy. There was no tracking on an app, or anything like that. I was texting my sister the entire time and she was tracking the location of my phone. Wouldn’t have saved me if something bad happened, but at least someone would know where I was and who with. Both gentleman were perfectly fine, but I wouldn’t do it again …

I’d only do Lyft or Uber.

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You guys. This shows my complete and utter inexperience.

I thought “rideshare” was the generic term for Uber/Lyft-type services, not something entirely different that involves actually sharing the ride with other people. :woman_facepalming:

Done it several times in different cities while traveling. Never had any issues.

You want to make sure to check the make, model, and license plate of the driver, using information within the app. This is provided by Uber; have never used Lyft. There’s also a photo of the driver, so cross-check it. And I have heard that you should have the driver say who he or she is picking up, rather than asking if they’re there to pick you up, just as an added safety measure.

You are correct! Rideshare is the industry name for Uber and Lyft.

In some cases you can literally share your rideshare. But that’s something else altogether!


I have never done rideshare solo and prob wouldnt. Im sure 99% of the time its safe. For me, alone, its a no.


I am comfortable but often take a screen shot of my driver/ride/car (from the app) before getting in and I am often contacting people throughout the ride. If I’m traveling alone I always update someone as to where I am and where I’m going and I check in often. My husband can locate me with find my friend

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The scary thing is u have to do that nc something might happen😳. Are u looking for transport in Disney or just in general?

Not u comfortable, lol, meant for the original poster.

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At first, I thought this was a clever ploy to summon all of the single ladies :joy:

That said, I haven’t taken a ride share alone. I would if I had to, but I wouldn’t be comfortable. I am overly cautious by nature.


They do have a share option where other people could either already be in the car or are picked up along the way.

But in my experience it is very clear whether you are selecting private ride or shared ride.

(Interesting fact: the original intent of Lyft was for it to be female drivers for female riders. That has obviously changed now, but that was the original intent. My parents have a friend who drives for both and was one of the original Lyft drivers so she knows how the company started.)

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The same info is provided by Lyft.

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I like that original concept better! I would definitely feel more comfortable in that situation.

That’s exactly what it was. A ploy to summon them to share their opinions! :joy:


Ahhh, me 2

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I have, do, and will continue to. Safety tips mentioned so far are great - have the driver tell you your name, check the plate number, the vehicle description. There is an option to hold up your phone with a color on your screen to help the driver find you. You do NOT have to do this, and I don’t recommend doing it. Your driver can contact you (and vice versa) through the app has if needed. Uber and lyft also have an in app emergency contact/notification if needed. To me it is no different than taking a cab. I have had multiple friends drive for both Uber and lyft - they always speak highly of the safety measures and have both mentioned flippantly that they feel like it is riskier for the driver than the passenger. On my most recent trip, I also noticed lots of female drivers in and around the WDW area. I also got the same driver a few times which was actually kind of fun!