All you can eat crab legs?

Well, I had hoped to get them at Cape May, but apparently they’re only on Sunday and Wednesday nights? Bummer. Any other recommendations for this in the Orlando area by chance? Thank you!

Where did you see only Sunday and Wednesday? I know some of the fried options change nightly, but they have had all you can eat crab legs every night.

Down in the “seafood selection” portion. We originally saw it mentioned on Yelp, but then I saw this.

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That is not true. Crab legs are on the menu every night. It is funny, this comes up a few times and twice I emailed the Disney Food Blog and they have gone to Cape May to confirm. That menu says September 2016 and that was not true then.


The menu on touring plans lists them for every night.

I have been there a few times and there is always crab legs. The last time I was there was a Tuesday in October and there was definitely crab legs.

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The Disney menu only lists crab legs- plus a “variety”