All those sparklies in Lines are driving me nuts

Ok, this is day 3 of LINES - the aftermath.

Going through the Kubler-Ross stages of death (because this is a death, the loss of something I’ve found important in my life for 4 years) has left me in Disbelief for a few days. Now I’m in Anger!!! Everyone processes things at their own pace and I am really just ready to scream.

I am mad that the Lines app I knew and have used for 4 years has to die because it has overgrown its space and those un-necessary things may have been a cause. Backstage had to die because people went to far.

Following the rules is necessary for a society to be successful.

So, Please stop with all the sparklies in Lines. Bling out this forum all you want. Join me in my anger or throw sticky gummies at me, I don’t care. ross stages