All the Tony’s Town Square Questions

Hi all! I may have waited until the last minute to make my restaurant choices :grimacing: (by last minute I mean T-61). I am thinking of Tony’s for MK day and wanted to know -

  1. how is the pizza? I know the food gets not great reviews but we would primarily be going to get my kids pizza in a sit down/waiter instead of mom hauling everything - environment.
  2. How easy is it to get a seat outside? We are trying to eat outside with my unvaccinated kids for most/all of the trip
  3. If we can get an outside seat are they all shaded? I think they are if memory serves…but would love to confirm
    Thanks so much for any help!
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Are you thinking lunch or dinner? I’ve heard that it’s pretty easy to get outside seats if you go as close as you can to the first seating (11:30).

We were there in May with a dinner reservation and were also trying to stay outside (unvaccinated kids). Outside seating is shaded. BUT they shut down that area because of heat the day we were there and we weren’t allowed to eat outside. It’s possible they also had staffing shortages but a manager at the host stand explained that once the heat hits a certain point, they close that section. We begrudgingly ate inside at a distanced table (way too late for another plan). Just a heads up.

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Also, food was ok! I had never eaten there and was prepared for it to be not great, but saw reviews that it’s gotten better post covid (ymmv!)

We ate there once, a long time ago in a galaxy far away. :wink: At the time we had a party of 8, including the children. I thought it was a-okay, and frankly have never understood the less than positive reviews I’ve read about Tony’s since then. Would go back again without hesitation.

As an aside, we were at WDW in late April when ALL the Disney-enacted Covid precautions were still in effect. I’ve posted this previously, but quite honestly the safest my wife and I felt (besides our resort room) were in the sit down restaurants. I’m not kidding. IMHO Disney did it right then. The popular mobile ordering quick service restaurants were so crowded outside with people waiting to pickup (or wanting to talk to someone about ordering in person anyway) my wife actually remarked once that she wished in retrospect that we did 100% ADR’s to get away from the crowds. I’m not sure what changes they’ve made since then in the restaurants, but all things considered you are probably wise to still take precautions.

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