All the Disney Things I Never Knew Until Touring Plans

It might seem silly to all you knowledgeable Disney folks, but I can’t believe some of the things I never knew till I started reading all the info here at (and I’ve been to WDW 3 times and planning 4th, and Disneyland 1). You all have taught me so much, but I can’t be the only one. What have you learned?

  1. People actually make dining reservation 180 days out
  2. There is a fireworks dessert party
  3. character palooza
  4. fantasmic— (Iknow, I know, but I didn’t know this existed until a couple of days ago)
  5. packing cubes
  6. Jedi training academy sign-ups
  7. Enchanted Tales with Belle
  8. All the variety of restaurants that are perfect for viewing fireworks
  9. The Seas with Nemo (I never knew this existed!)
  10. Tom sawyer island (I have never seen this!)
  11. There are people as Disney crazed as me (and some more so) <3

** please don’t make too much fun of me. I’ve been to Disney enough that maybe I should know some of this :slight_smile:


#1 definitely shocked me!
ADR Sniper!! Wish I’d invented it first.

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Nice list! I can’t imagine anyone on the TP Forum would ever make fun of you. :slight_smile:

I didn’t know anything at all about WDW before reading the Unofficial Guide, so my list would cover EVERYTHING.

I can’t imagine anyone would make fun of me. I can’t believe how polite everyone is on here!

I also have to add how shocked I was when I found out there was a restaurant inside the castle!!! (I didn’t learn that here, but this info floored me! We had breakfast there last time.)

Also last trip, I was actually angry when booking the trip, they offered to help make dining reservations for me. I said that we would like to eat at that new restaurant BOG. Of course, there wasn’t any available reservations. I was upset, I couldn’t imagine that it was already booked completely for the entire stay!!! I thought she was making it up.


I’ve learned quite a few things from here and Chat - the red jewel, the golf ball, the wish book in Pinocchio House, Keens, etc.

The most important thing I’ve learned is what a wonderful supportive group of people this is. :heart:


Fellow learner here :slight_smile: planning my 7th trip and 4th as a mom. Oldest will be 8 and LOVES star wars so please tell me more about your #6!! Where do I sign him up for the Jedi Training?? (I did make an ADR for Mickey Jedi Dinner at Hollywood and Vine but reviews aren’t awesome…should I cancel??)

Also, just booked our first Family Magic Tour…will it be worth the money? Can anyone tell me?


Same as @SallyEppcot here! I knew nothing about WDW until I read the Unofficial Guide - luckily for me I read a review of it in the newspaper before our first trip and got a copy. I think the best thing I learnt from LInes chat was how fast pass plus worked before my last trip - I would have been clueless otherwise.


Great Jedi Training Academy info in this thread:

I am planning to sign up my 3 kids for the JTA this Friday when we go to DHS and have found the info in this thread invaluable. Also, all of the tips and info I’ve learned from TP has been AWESOME!!


The Soarin’ gold ball trick (& the red jewels trick at philharmagic) remain the most nifty things I’ve learned on chat. I couldn’t begin to number all the other tips & tricks, but that stands out for me.


Jedi Training. Wow, pretty much everything. I bought the 2014 DL book last year (and I’d been to DL before), and after that, knew without a doubt I would be getting the WDW book for our upcoming trip. I haven’t been and there was so much good stuff in the DL book I knew it would be worth it.

My spring break ( :frowning: :scream: :flushed: ) trip is going to be 100% more awesome due to touring plans.


I’m in the middle of planning our first trip for July/Aug and having read the guide, now overwhelmed by exactly how much planning involved and how much to do. Can’t wait though :yum: