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Is there a one-stop-shop location that outlines all of the changes post COVID? I’m trying to help a first time Disney attendee who is headed to the world in November and want to make sure I’m giving her accurate information. I know so much has changed from park reservation system to park hopper (still hopping after 2?), to EMH going away, to no dining plan, to no fast passes, etc. I don’t mind doing the research on all of these via touring plans, but if it is captured somewhere cleanly, I’d certainly prefer that!

The WDW website does a pretty good job.

There is a post at the top of the forum which I try to keep up to date with the main stuff. Although things are changing so fast now it’s too time consuming to document everything. But it links to the WDW website pages in the various sections.


By November, things will/ should be totally different. Know that they need to get park reservations now, and that ADR’s are at 60+ days rather than 180+. So, get park reservations now and then start to look at dining 90-ish days ahead. Late this summer, look at what Disney is doing.


Can you share the name of the post? When I looked at the homepage, I couldn’t find it.

Thank you!

It’s Re-Opening News pinned to the top of the WDW section:


I’m not really trying to be contrary, but that thread is not pinned at the top of the forum on my screen. I’m sure I’ve done something wrong – but here’s a screen shot because I might be going blind and just can’t see the thread about all the changes.

So … there are two pinned threads there, and neither of them addresses changes since COVID. Did I accidentally delete a thread I need to see?

Hmm, not sure what’s up there. Here’s what that link looks like to me:

One can click the pin to un-pin it from the listing - but if you never saw it I don’t know how that could have happened. Maybe one of the mods has a theory.

Anyway, here’s the direct link: Re-opening news for WDW

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Thank you! The direct link worked, and I clicked the pin to make the thread stick to the top of my dashboard. I appreciate the help!!!