All the annual pass questions

Hubs is on board with the idea of annual passes. However, we want to spread out the cost, but can’t do monthly payments because we’re not Florida residents. My understanding is that we are buying a redemption certificate that is activated when we get to the parks, so we could buy them over the course of the next several months and activate them all at once together on our first trip. Is that right?

We will likely stay on site. I don’t fully understand the explanation on Disney’s website re fast passes - can we book them with our inactivated APs and our room reservation?

We have existing magic bands from prior trips, do we need to worry about getting AP magic bands before that first trip? The band explanation on Disney’s website seems contradictory.

Thanks for any insight you may have.

Officially, we are targeting Feb 2016 for our next visit, but I might be able to wrangle a quickie trip for DS’S early Jan birthday (maybe even some December holiday madness).

You can use the number on the back of your AP exchange certificate and link it to your MDE for FP+'s- but you will still have to go to guest services to activate the pass to use it for park entry. Your AP exchange voucher is good for 18 months, so as long as you use the voucher before then you will be fine. You can buy the AP anytime you want- it isn’t activated until you enter a park. If you are staying on site just order your new magic bands on your MDE, and link the numbers on the back of your exchange certificates to those before your 60 day window for FPP+ opens.

To spread out the costs…book a package(maybe with free dining), make payments, then upgrade to AP, on your first day, by paying the difference.

If you buy one AP voucher now, you can link to your MDE account and access the AP room rates through the website. You can make FPs for 30 days, or 60 days when you have an onsite reservation. Once you get to the park, you activate your AP and that is when the year begins (check the date in MDE sometimes they mess up). You can link it to your MB, and if you stay on site you will get a MB for that stay. You cannot order your AP MB until after you activate (I did it from the park that day). I am planning on buying one AP a month to spread out the costs as well. Also, don’t forget to buy a tables in wonderland card when you activate your voucher!