All star sports

How is the all star sports? I wasnt going to stay onsite since i was looking at a really good deal at a good neighbor hotel, but i was also looking at all of the perks of staying onsite. Im looking at least 50 more a night.

Any of the All-Stars are good and so is POP. The perks really do help to make it worth staying on site. I’ve stayed at All-star Music and also Sports, have stayed at POP a number of times. This year, going on a honeymoon and staying at CSR and AKL.

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There are pros and cons to each for sure. We’re not real big on the value resorts as they are a little tacky in my personal opinion but they definitely offer the savings over the other resorts. You could probably find a nicer place to stay for the same price off property but being on property has some really good perks. The major one for me is not having to leave the Disney bubble. If you can, I would spend the extra $10-20/night and go for Pop Century as it’s definitely the nicest of the values.