All Star Sports to Grand Floridian


We are staying at the All Star Sports, but have an 8:15 breakfast reservation at 1900 Park Fare on November 28 (the day after Thanksgiving). How do you all suggest getting there? We are going directly to Epcot after so I know we can just get on the monorail, but getting there has me a little confused.


You could either take a cab directly there, or take a bus to the magic kingdom and use the monorail to get there. The resort monorail starts running at 7am.

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Never taken a cab in DW. What times do you think I would need to leave for both to get to the reservation on time?

A cab would be pretty quick but you always want to check in a little early so maybe 7:30?

buses can be a little hit and miss especially that early. So maybe more like 7-7:15 to be sure.

I discovered last week that waiting for a cab to arrive takes longer than the ride. You can call “bell services” from your room and request a cab ahead of time. This will REALLY speed things up.


I think the cab sounds like the best option! I’m willing to pay a little out of pocket in order to stay in bed a little longer! :slight_smile: