All Star Sports Resort Review

I just got back from Disney World. Stayed at the All Star Sports Resort during Spring Break from March 30 to April 6, 2018 (Easter was April 1st). I haven’t stayed at any other value resorts so I can’t compare them but just wanted to say that my family of 4’s stay was great for the price we paid. We spent most of our days at the parks so the room is mainly a place to sleep. I did request the Touchdown building 2nd floor backside and did not get it but did get a comparable room in the Surf’s Up building. Close to the pool, transportation, food, etc. It was spring break and the noise level back there was fine. The room is small but we managed fine. There was a fire alarm one day that went off at 7am. The explanation I heard was a room got too hot and set off the fire alarm. I guess a lot of people complained because Disney gave us a $50 credit towards our bill.

Kids enjoyed the pool the two times they went in. There’s nothing fancy about the pool but my kids still had fun. Didn’t go in the arcade at all which was good. In my opinion, the food court was the worst part of the resort. Nothing special, overpriced, etc. but I kind of expected that. We only ate there 2 or 3 times. We brought cereal and pop tarts we ate in our room for breakfast and were at a park for most of our meals. Saved us time and money.

The transportation to and from the parks on the shuttle buses worked out great for us. We only had 1 long wait of about 25 minutes - we just missed a bus pulling away. Other than that, most waits were about 5-15 minutes. Not bad at all and it was nice to not have to drive for a week.

If you are on a budget and want to stay at a Disney Resort, I would recommend All Star Sports. I would stay again.


I concur that for budget conscious people (like me!) All Star Sports is just fine. We spent 7 nights there in Fall 2016 and had no complaint. We do prefer POP if we have the option, but we are usually chasing free dining and stay where it is offered.

Good review and glad you had a nice stay. I was actually at All Star Sports at this same time period, I had requested connected rooms in Surfs up but got placed in Touchdown building 10. We got put on the side facing the field so it was noisy often, but we were glad to have received connected rooms. We were at the parks most of the time or sleeping so that was all we needed the room for.

I’m 70 day out glad to hear a good review. I did have a question, do you remember what the hours were for the pools. I’m hoping to go swim when we get back from the parks at night to unwind a bit.

Pool hours were 9am to 11pm I believe.

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