All Star Music Suites

I’ve searched high and low and cant seem to find updated info on the all star music reburishment. I have seen the reburished standard rooms and seen the reburished suites but I cant seem to see how much of the resort is finished. My main questions are:

Are all the suites in the preferred sections of the resort?
If so have all these rooms been refurbished?

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All suites are in Preferred buildings Calypso & Jazz. These are buildings 1, 2, 9 & 10. 10 & 9 are done & they’ve begun 8 (Broadway.)

They’re going in reverse # order, so the other 2 Preferred sections will be done last - 1/2 are done now.

I pulled thus info from another site so someone please correct me if I’m wrong.

Hope that helps!

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I did see somewhere that they had started broadway so in my mind that meant all preferred were done. It seems so weird that they would finish the preferred first being that people pay more to stay there,

We still have a ways to go but if they are going in reverse order i doubt that they will be finished with the jazz section by June. I was kinda hoping to stay here because i heard the noise level was lower but ill sacrifice to get a refurb.

Thanks so much for the info, it helps me with my room request.