All Star Music suite or Caribean beach resort

We are 3 adults and 2 childrens. We have to choose between 2 standard room at All star, an all star music suite or a room at Carribean beach resort. The price are comparable we don’t know what would be the best. Any advice???

What are the ages of the children? Who is willing (or not willing) to share a bed?

Age of the kids 7 and 6. Everyone is willing to share bed. The issue I am affraid off is more the walk on the resort
and the bus.

I’m wrong, it sleeps 5. I did not know that. Personally, I would pick 2 rooms at the All Star Music. You would get 2 bathrooms and more room to spread out.

I could be wrong, but I think the rooms at Caribbean Beach Resort only sleep 4. You would need 2 rooms if you stayed there.

I’d go with tow connecting rooms. You get an “extra” bathroom, a little more floor space, and you could put the 2 “kids” to bed in one room and have the other room if the adults wanted to stay up a bit later.

Family of 5 here, we did the connecting rooms at All Star Sports last year - worked great! Gave us more space to spread out, especially for the adults at night, and a second bathroom never hurts.

Granted, we had our own car and didn’t use the bus lines, but I thought Port Orleans Riverside was more spread out than AS-Sports.

I would pick CBR because we loved the resort. The values are too chaotic and the beds are quite uncomfortable compared to the moderate and deluxe resorts. The other 2 options do give more space though, so that may be more important to you. Have all 5 of you shared a hotel room before? With 2 adults and 3 kids it would seem fine…but with 3 adults, I don’t know. Not a lot of privacy in 1 room. Connecting rooms at CBR won’t cost you that much more than 2 values, so I would consider that.