All Star Music Questions

We will be staying at ASMu (our first time) 11/27-12/3, 2017 in a Standard room. Does anyone know if it is walking distance to ASSp & ASMo? If so, approximately how long would it take to walk to each of them from Music?

Also, is there a map somewhere that shows the layout of the 3 resorts in relation to one another? ie, are they all lined up in a row, etc.

Any suggestions on which building is “best” in the Standard category? Our kids are older so walking isn’t a big issue…

Oh, and if you’ve stayed there in the past, would you stay there again? Why or why not?

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

A few places to see a map of everything, so you can see more than just one resort hotel:
WDW site
MDE app
Google Earth maps, especially the satellite photos. I especially like these, to see roads, walkways, entrances, and what else is nearby.

You can zoom in very tightly on all.

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They are all more or less “in a line”, with Music in the middle, and taken together cover roughly the same amount of ground as the CBR. The distance between nearest buildings in adjoining resorts is not really that much greater than the distance between buildings within each resort, so you could say that it would only take a few minutes to get from one to the next. Because of the way it’s set up, a couple of the “Movies” buildings are actually closer to the “Music” bus stop than they are to their own… Although I’ve never done it, it’s probably about .5 miles between each, so I’m guessing you could walk from one bus stop area to the adjoining one in 10 min (plus/minus depending on walking speed).

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I believe there is a jogging track that connects or goes around all three.
I was booked in there until last night when I changed to csr.
I had requested a room in the jazz inn buildings. The calypso buildings are preferred rooms, the jazz are the next closest to the food court, bus stop etc. My second choice would have been the rock n roll buildings because I like the theming and music better than the country section!

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@mkmuzzy mentioned google maps - I agree that’s always my goto as a first check. Here’s the one for All-Star:

Looks like you need to switch to Satellite view by hand - that’s the better look to see precise buildings etc.

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We stayed there last May. It was our best choice because we were spending most of our time in the parks. We did enjoy the pool our first day/ night and after our AK day.
I kept hearing how spread out the resort was but I didn’t find that to be the case. We had 2 rooms in Rock Inn and it never took me more than 5 minutes to walk to the lobby or bus & I have a bad knee. I did walk all around the resort one night just to check out all of the other buildings. I thought the Jazz section was beautiful. During our 5 days there we only shared a bus once on the way home.
I have a king size bed at home, so I was not looking forward to having a double bed, but it was surprisingly very comfortable - not roomy by any means, but comfortable!
My only complaint would be that the quiet pool was anything but quiet. However, we wanted drinks from the bar so we were over at the main pool anyway. We had to walk past the quiet pool each night to get to our room and had I been a guest wanting to relax there I would not have been happy with all of the kids screaming and running around. None of that could be heard from our room though.
We plan to stay at our resort more this next trip so we went with POR but I wouldn’t hesitate to stay at ASMu again.


We stayed at Music on our last trip Oct. 2015. We liked the hotel well enough. The food court isn’t as good as the French Quarter one, and it’s more crowded but the hotel is a lot larger. The big downside for us was the double beds in the rooms. Our girls were 9 and 7 at the time and my husband and I each shared a bed with a kiddo, but we really still felt very cramped. We are used to a king size bed at home. We are ok with a queen on vacation, but the full sized beds weren’t restful for us. We would stay again if it was just my husband and I with a king room. The pool is nice and the property was very clean.