All star music...end of resort rooms

We are in a standard room at all star music and I have been reading that it is very far from the lobby to get drinks as well as the bus depot. Somewhere I read that it might be actually a better option to walk over to the lobby of the All-Star Movies. Is it actually closer to do that? Or just accept that it’s going to be a 15 minute walk to the front of the resort?

There are times when the walk could be 15 mins. You will have to see where you are and if you would do better going to one of the other all stars.

I love it there. I take my cup with me and fill it before the bus. Then wehn i come back before going to the room i will fill it. Chug it. Then refill and bring to the room.

I stayed there last year for the first time. We were in the Rock Inn building and it took about 5 minutes to walk to the main building. I also have a bad knee that makes me walk slower than the rest of my family.