All star music beds

Hi all. I know that the standard rooms have two double beds but are there anythat have just one and it be bigger

You can ask for a room with a king sized bed, there just aren't many so it isn't a book able category and they won't let more than 2 people stay in the room.

There's only two of us anyways. Is it better than the two doubles

Yes but there are only a few king rooms so you might not get a king bed because they are mostly the handicapped accessible rooms

Ok. Grand thanks

Touring Plans has information on EVERY room at the resort....including those rooms with King-sized beds...we stayed there only once, and asked for a king-bedded room in advance, as well as when we checked in, and we got the room with the larger bed. As @Alitig1 stated, there is no guarantee, and those rooms are handicap-accessible (so no bath tub for us, just a walk-in/roll-in shower). When we checked in we were told that they don't really get many requests for them, so we had no problem getting our request. Best of luck to you, and here is the info on what room(s) to request:


Which did u prefer. The two double s or one queen.

Our room actually had a king, which is what we have a home and what we prefer. The doubles can feel pretty small (smaller than a queen) for a couple.