All of the Great Big Beautiful Tomorrows… A Trip Report

Hello! Kicking off my TR for our WDW/UOR trip TOMORROW. I’m going to most likely just be updating at night, with possibly some live updates.

Who? Me, DH, friends K & J. We are all empty-nesters and they are our travel buddies - we’ve done Orlando three times with them as couples, K & I went with another friend last year on our girls trip, and we’ve traveled to Belize together with them as well. DH and I have a podcast we’ve been slowly rolling out, Mimosas with Mickey (on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Podcasts) and K&J’s daughter is our producer for that, as well as our DS24’s girlfriend. So we’re all close and comfortable with each other and very Disney-knowledgeable. I’m also a TA on the side.

Where? Staying at Riviera (2BR) 4 nights, then transferring to Royal Pacific at UOR for 2 nights before return

9/19 - Fly in, DS (Boathouse) for late lunch, MNSSHP
9/20 - HS
9/21 - EP
9/22 - AK (with Savor the Savanna) and hop to EP for dinner and hopefully Soarin over California
9/23 - UOR with EP
9/24 - Brunch at Homecomin’ then fly home

Goals? This will be my 8th trip in two years (closer to 18 overall), DH’s 6th. K&J have been a lot but not as recently (except my trip with K last year), so goal 1 is to get J on all the “new” stuff - GotG, Remy, TRON. We are also all foodies and enjoy our cocktails liberally, so that will be a big player as well, and we all enjoy all rides, but don’t have to do everything.

As of today (and of course this could change), this is my last scheduled trip to Orlando for a while - at least until 2025. I’ve maxed out my PTO for the last couple of years (which is good) but it’s been very heavily Orlando-based, and there are other trips we’ve put off. Of course, that could change, but this is going to hit a little differently knowing that I don’t already have another trip booked (like I have for every visit for the last four years or so).

As for now… we are mostly packed (working today and have something scheduled tonight so we had to be ready early)… so this is my ear worm for the day:


Sounds like it will be a great trip!!


More please! It’s a great show :slight_smile: Keep up the good work!

Good goal :slight_smile:

Oh no!! That’s a long stretch. Good to see other things, though, too. How will this impact the podcast, if at all?


Won’t affect it at all. We can talk about Disney for years without going back again… :joy:


And thank you so much! I think our pace will speed up now… we have a lot of episodes recorded that just need editing before we can push out… and our producer has just gotten past her busy time at her real job, plus she is teaching DH her magic tricks, so we are going to have tighter control off the editing timeframe now. I really appreciate the listens!


Ahhhhhhh I love your podcast! Looking forward to this trip report :grinning:


I look forward to your review of Savor since I will be doing that one in a few weeks. Looking forward to your whole trip actually. Is the group dressing up for MNSSHP?


We are bounding since there won’t be time to change and we need to wear whatever we are doing on the flight. So we are Haunted Mansion… I’ve got a stretching room t shirt, DH has the “Here lies good ol Fred” tombstone ( which was my dads favorite), J is the wallpaper and K is Madame Leota.

Ok, if I fall asleep immediately I can get 6 hours… here we go!


Enjoy your special trip!! I will be following…


We all made it to the airport, should be boarding in an hour or so!


Look at all those happy faces.

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Was on brand and had mimosas on the flight while watching Tangled…

Even happier now… waiting for luggage!


Well, this is a first. We stopped at Publix for our order, got room ready text. Yay!

Got to the room, and while our names were on the tv and our magic bands all opened the door, we soon noticed that the room had not been vacated. Food in the fridge, clothes in the closet, suitcases, etc. Oops.

Called guest services, they asked us to vacate so we dropped everything (including groceries) at bell services and we are off to our ADR at Boathouse at DS!


This happened to me at a Marriott recently but not at Disney! :grimacing:


This is how all my trips to all my favorite places start. But sometimes it’s more like 2-4 hours for me. :laughing: :laughing:

Sounds amazing from start to finish & I hope it gives you all you need to carry you through until you get back in 2025 (or ya know before if you can sneak it in). And if you need help enabling a trip before then, we’ve got your back!

Ok, this is an interesting start. Eek! Glad you can still be off to your plans and hopefully it’s all sorted before you actually need a room.


WHAT :astonished: :astonished:

That’s wild.


DOH! That’s awkward.


Wow! That’s pretty shocking to happen at Disney. Less chain hotels I could see, but that’s awful for Disney level standard service.


Had a lovely meal at Boathouse - oysters and many apps. Only got a few pics:

In a bus to GF now and then monorail to MNSSHP!


Having a great time, but this cracked me up. We went to Jungle Skipper Canteen for dinner.

It’s been hot, we were dehydrated. DH asked if they could divert a river for our water, Here’s how we ended up…

Our very own water table. (Ba dum Ching)