All forum posts defaulting to watched

Weird forum notification bug - I keep getting all forum posts in the Walt Disney World category defaulted to Watched, resulting in a ton of notifications. I haven’t changed any settings on my end. Started yestereday.

Could you have somehow clicked this “Watching” selector when looking at the category?
Even if not - I’d take a look at it, maybe you can toggle it off here.

Click All Categories at top of forum, then the WDW category.

(Edited this line to be more specific)
Then click the the bell on right, then click Normal

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I do think something shifted but couldn’t figure out what. My bug was not as widely impactful as yours was but it did seem to have me watching more than I meant to for a brief time.

You can set your default status in your user settings. Just stating the perhaps obvious in case folks weren’t aware of that.

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Yup that was it- it was setting everything in the WDW category to watched. Not sure how it happened (I haven’t been in my settings for a while) but it worked.


I just had a very weird experience. I am at the car dealership and opened the forum. The daily thread has started since I cleared my threads earlier. This is in my latest:

I shouldn’t have a count on a thread I haven’t opened? Then, when I open it, there are fewer posts than the alert: