All fastpass+ distribution is done for this day

I signed on to Disney’s website at 12:01am last night to get fastpasses for my upcoming trip, and was surprised to see that on November 22, they claim to already be out of fastpasses for Epcot. Has anyone else ever seen this? The crowd prediction is a 4 for that day–I know Food and Wine will be crowded but in the past that didn’t affect ride lines too much.

Very strange! November has had some really worrisome indicators for crowds. Some nights are completely sold out of on-property rooms. People are reporting zero availability for ADRs. Now this! Either WDW is going to be incredibly busy, or they are having some website or planning glitches. I would keep trying. Hopefully it’s just a glitch.

Aren’t you outside 60 days? Look again 9/18 at 12:01ish provided that you are staying on site and have both that room res and tickets linked up in MDE

Be sure that you don’t have FASTPASSes already set for another park that day. It will give you that confusing message if you do. Hope that helps.

Thanks all, I tried again and it worked this time. I tried about every 30 minutes and it showed both Epcot and HS as “sold out” for that day every time until now. I’m guessing they accidentally blocked everyone out because I had no trouble getting all of the times I wanted (whereas I had to compromise a lot on the other days).

I wouldn’t be too concerned about the ADR’s being gone. Free dining means cheapskates like me are making them instead of eating counter service like usual. I am curious about which nights they are sold out of rooms, though.

My FPP window opened on the 14th and I am still seeing availability for just about everything on Nov 13th and 18th which are our EPCOT days.
Also, still seeing availability at the other parks during our trip.
We did get 7DMT (4 different times, but in overlapping windows), but not A & E.