All Day Dining Deal at Busch Gardens, Tampa - worth it? And what else to do around Tampa?

I have a friend asking about the all day dining at Busch Gardens. I need to keep up my reputation as the expert on all things Florida, but we have never done Busch Gardens, so I don’t even know what kind of food they have. I figured the Liners could help me out. :star_struck:

They are a big group of 10 people with 4 parents in their late 40’s and their adult children from 18-26; staying at a VRBO in Tampa for 7 nights. They are active and outdoorsy, so I suggested checking out some State Parks and springs. They know they want to do an airboat and maybe one day of fishing.

Any insight or advice would be great! Thanks!

I did this with a large group of adults a few years back and it was SO fun!

I did this pre-Covid. If I remember correctly you could get an entree, drink and an app or dessert every hour or two? It also gave you a 50% discount on Starbucks.

At first we ate lunch at a burger/ nugget place. For dinner we at at Dragon Fire Grill. I think the variety of choices would make Dragon Fire my first choice. I don’t think Chick-Fil-A was a choice when I was there?

This looks so fun!! Thanks!

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Lol I love that place- went down the water slide and landed next to a big turtle- lol he wasn’t phased one bit…me i was visibly shocked :flushed:

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It’s BYOB and snacks so it can be as low key or crazy as you want it to be.

I was with a bunch of nurses at a convention so… it was nuts! The guy kept us out on the river waaaaaaaaay past the time we had paid for, and then two of them came out drinking with us at the bar where they dock. That was a fun night!