Alien popcorn buckets - anyone get one AFTER opening in DHS (June?)

Hey there!

I’m hoping that someone has been able to get an ALIEN POPCORN BUCKET in the weeks since Toy Story Land opened. They are ADORABLE, and we really want to pick one up this year.

Has anyone heard, or that has recently been there and seen, these popcorn buckets out and available at all?

Thank you for any info you can give me :slight_smile:
~ Josie ~

I didn’t see any of these during our trip in July, but I certainly didn’t look for them. What I DID see were the souvenir soda cups with the claw and alien inside. They are also really cute and might be a suitable fall back option for you.

Thank you @Shmebulock - I appreciate it :blush:

These are just the perfect bucket, and we have quite a few of them. They only sell them in Toy Story Land, from what I’ve been able to gather. The prices on eBay are OUTRAGEOUS!

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Check it out… mouth open and mouth closed


How cute! I hope they have one in Feb. although it wouldn’t stack well with the other popcorns we have at home already :stuck_out_tongue:

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The struggle is real… lol

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