Alerts for new promos?

I don’t have time to obsessively check the Disney websites and touringplans every hour to see when 2015 promos are released (I know this is blasphemy!). And I’m not using a travel agent.
Question: Is there a way to get alerts, beeps, flashes, or whatever pushed to my email or phone to let me know immediately when new promos are announced? Like an RSS feed or something? I’m not very savvy. Thanks!

I’m planning to check chat/forum every morning in the next few weeks. It seems like most of the deals come out early in the morning (usually 7 am eastern) and the Liner TAs are very nice about sharing the news right away. I never got an email about the Visa deal last Oct. until way later in the day, long after I had already called and had the discount applied.

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Hi @SamTheEagle
Keep your eyes on this thread here: Early 2015 Room Only discounts

The one and only @cgulls is checking every day and posting updates. (thanks be to @cgulls)

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I’ll also send out an alert when we know something, using the new Alerts system. I sent a DCL and a DLR alert last week.

Thanks @cgulls!


Except for a Sunday morning when I unexpectedly sleep past 7:00. Darn cool New England fall mornings. Hopefully, nothing yet. Will plan to dial our friends at Reservations at 6:59 tomorrow.

Ooh! @len, how do we get alerts using the new Alerts system? I love learning new things! :smile:

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It should happen automatically, if you’re using the dashboard and have an upcoming trip created.

Let’s say that you have a trip scheduled for December 1 -5, 2014. When we create an alert that involves something happening on those dates, an alert should automatically appear in the upper right corner of your dashboard.

To push it further, let’s say I don’t have a trip planned, but want to watch the beginning of the year for discount. Then I’d just put in trip dates for all of January, and if a discount comes out, I’ll get an alert and then book an actual trip.

Or am I wrong @len? Would using no dates let me get all alerts for my destination?

I think it’s date specific.

So, was there an alert for the Disney Visa cardholder discount? Or would the alert only be for general public offers? My dates are within the current Visa offer, and no alert. Just curious, as I already know about the offer and that it opens to the general public on Thursday.