Alcoholic Drinks included with dining plan

I don’t usually drink very often, but since the dining plan includes free alcoholic beverages, I decided I would like to try some fun cocktails on my trip for a few of the meals. I like fruity drinks (don’t like beer or wine unless it is fruity sangria). I am planning to try the peach bellini at Be Our Guest.

We are eating at Coral Reef, Chefs de France, Restaurant Marrakesh, BOG lunch (in addition to breakfast), Liberty Tree Tavern, Garden Grill dinner, Tusker House brunch, Satu-li (counter service for dinner), Sci Fi, 50’s Prime Time and Spirit of Aloha. Any fruity cocktails that are included on the dining plan that you can recommend?

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The peach bellini at BOG is pretty yummy. At TH you can get jungle juice with rum (tasty). At Satu’li I liked the dreamwalker sangria (my friend didn’t though). The lapu lapu is an awesome fruity drink in a pineapple that is served at the Poly so maybe they serve it at Spirit of Aloha (I’m not sure though).


I think SoA has sangria included.

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Thanks! They sounds yummy. I will add them to my list so I remember to try them.