Alcohol sales stopped in all FL Bars (not Resorts)

I don’t need a reason, I am knocking back gin as I type.


Sorry. I really was just kidding.

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Of course you were! (I was changing the focus so we all can stay friends)


I love you so


Thank you

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aka: “Buy your drinks and go home, you plague ridden drunk disease vectors!”



less evaporation if you fill it with the gel type sanitizer. Or even those made with glycerin. It will keep down the evaporation. Plus make all your skin very soft.


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I went searching for this thread.

They are allowing bars to re-open?


The linked local news article makes it sound that FL is doing what CO has been doing. In CO, bar must have a license to sell food or partner with a licensed food vendor like a food truck and allow people to eat on-site.

Seems to me FL should have taken a couple weeks before this amendment. I guess it’s just a wait and see as to violators of the social distancing and capacities part. Obviously wdw and DS places will be in full compliance.

I am reading it as they are allowing 50%? I am really not concerned about a DS bar but I am reading this as state wide?

Yep. At 50% capacity and with social distancing. :roll_eyes:

Looks like any bar that has a food license. Plus distancing regulations.

licensed to sell both alcohol and food

In CO only need to be partnered with a licensed food vendor. IMO, this was a nod to the numerous microbreweries in this state.

ETA, so not just 50 % of establishments. Is that what you’re asking?

We have been under 300 cases for a while now. Bars are still closed.


The variation in what states are doing is wild.

If they don’t have seated food they are closed until phase 4


Which makes sense. Florida reversing the closure of bars seems risky to me.

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