Alaskan cruise..82 days

1st time cruise ever…alaska. What can you tell us that you have learned that will help us? So unprepared for this knowing nothing about cruising or alaska. I know liners have done this. Any input is very welcome!!

Check out the posts about cruising in the TP blog - there is a lot of helpful information there.

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Alaska’s beautiful! I love Skagway the most, so if you’ve got a stop there I’ll tell you all about that town. Mostly, just be prepared for your trip to revolve around eating and scenery! Pack nice clothes for dinner (my father-in-law got turned away from dinner one night for wearing shorts… check your cruise line’s dress code!). Be prepared with a plan for what you want to spend $$ on before you go – every port will have the same expensive souvenirs, so if you want jewelry (for instance) find out what’s really Alaskan jewelry before you go. Then when everyone is trying to sell you diamonds, you can look for a beautiful jade piece.

Excursions – I don’t know how active you are, but if you’re doing shore excursions, lean toward things that get you out of the towns and into a kayak or on a bicycle and close to glaciers. They’re really amazing to see up close! Taking a bike tour to a glacier is a lot more memorable than the tour that lots of cruise ships take into Glacier Bay (though that is also cool, so if your cruise features it, go up to the deck where the park rangers are giving a presentation. It’s edu-tainment!)

Thank you! I Dcl also,but really like real experience talk . Skagway is a stop. We are 3 land days then 7 days southbound to Vancouver.

Skagway’s great! There are lots of activities but I recommend two for being fun and scenic and awesome. There’s hiking to the historic cemetery and Lower Reid Falls (there might be expeditions to this but you don’t have to pay anyone, just walk to it). Then the train tour up the Yukon is really really cool. It’s usually a relatively cheap expedition and worth every penny. If you’re into beer, check out Skagway Brewing (we still use the pint glasses we got there), and for food there is a great restaurant called the Harbor House (fantastic seafood and if they still have the chicken and waffles it is to die for!).

So those are my Skagway tips. I hope the cruise is great for you!

Thanks for the info! Beer,chicken,free toyrs! Im on it!

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