Alaska cruise what would you do?

Hi all. Looking for some liner wisdom and opinions. A little over a year ago when Disney summer cruise itineraries were released for 2021. I booked an end of season DCL Alaska cruise for Sept 2021. With Canada’s cruise restrictions of only boats less than 100 passengers extended until Feb 2022 it is looking pretty unlikely that this will happen…however, DCL has not cancelled yet. Right now I just have the deposit down but am thinking about paying in full now so that when the cruise does get cancelled by DCL, I’ll get the 125% credit on a future cruise. Thoughts…opinions?

Will they let you pay it off? I know a lot of people were surprised by the prices for summer 2022 so getting as much credit as possible (when will it expire) seems like a good plan.

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I’m not even sure if they will allow me to pay it off as I have been on the fence and haven’t tried yet…but I am assuming that as long as they are keeping it on the books as if it is going to happen, then I should be able to make payments. I do wonder when the cruise credit would expire if this did go to plan, as that will factor into my decision as well. Thanks for reminding me that these credits have use by dates.

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We booked Alaska for June 2021 before Covid hit. I paid in full when Canada announced their restrictions assuming it would get canceled and we would get the 125% credit. I know that is kind of gaming the system but I knew I would rebook for 2022. I made my final payment without difficulty before Disney removed the sailings from further bookings. Now I feel like I am playing chicken with Disney as we are at 72 days and they still haven’t canceled. I’m going to wait until 62 days and then cancel.

I knew when I made that payment that we wouldn’t be going anyway and I knew I could cancel up to 60 days before. I think you have nothing to lose by making the payment.

I’m kind of annoyed that they haven’t canceled it yet. I feel like they need to give some guidelines on the restrictions to expect on board and on excursions before I can make an informed decision on whether I want to cruise. Even 90 days is cutting it close for that. In my normal crazy planning, I would have had hotel and flights booked well before now.

FWIW, I put a deposit down for Alaska for July 2022 and it is more than 125% of my early June 2021 fare with same stateroom category. It is later in the season and I no longer have my onboard booking discount. Also I booked on the silver day and there was considerably less availability of staterooms already.

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Thanks for the reply. I really hope they hurry up and cancel your cruise so that you don’t have to!

I don’t have liner wisdom b/c I haven’t been on my cruise yet, but I was originally Princess to Alaska June 2020, then 2021, and now 2022. I decided to move (it’s a group cruise and I was given the option to change) because I didn’t want to be restricted to only shore excursions and no walking by myself around the ports. Plus, I just figured it would be cancelled anyway. I don’t actually know if it got cancelled but I am booked on my 2022 cruise with my same refundable deposit and I just moved the dates of my insurance.

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Why do you have to cancel?

They cannot sail out of a Canadian Port and the cdc has extended their no sail order. That means Disney will not be able to provide you with your trip. Wait for them.

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You are right. Looking at the new policies, I guess I don’t need to cancel. I should just be able to change to the new dates until 14 days before.

I still wish they would just cancel. It’s really unrealistic to think that they will be sailing to Alaska this season between the Canadian restrictions and the PVSA.


From what I’ve read, the credit is probably good through September 2022. They may extend that depending on how long they are shut down. However, it sounds like you will get the full amount that you paid back if you don’t end up using your credit.

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Liners are the best! I knew you all would come through with the nuanced information I needed to help me make my decision. Thanks again!