Alamo car rental - skip the counter?

I'm renting a car from Alamo at MCO Sunday; does anyone know if they have the self-service kiosk that lets you skip the counter? Can't find this info anywhere on their website; want to manage DD16's expectations about whether a (possibly) long line awaits us to get the car. Thanks!

This link says they do have it.

Scroll down and you'll see another link for the list. MCO is listed.

Hmmmm.....does dollar have that?

I don't know. Most of the big airport rental agencies have something similar, if you're a member of their loyalty program.

Here's what to do - divide and conquer. You go to Alamo (to the self service kiosk or the desk) and get the car finalized, and DD goes to pick up the luggage. Most likely you will finish up first and then can go join her. But, if you zoom through you could go ahead and get the car, and then drive around to the arrivals area and pick DD up there and then drive straight to WDW.

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Do you know if you have to take a shuttle to get to your car?

No - Alamo is on-terminal. The car rental garage is a short walk through a tunnel from the arrivals area.

Didn't see kiosk last year, but we could do an online check in from the uk. Not sure if this was just specific to virgin atlantic though ( couldn't get it to work either).