Aladdin & Princess Jasmine @ MK

How long is the wait typically for Al and Princess J in the afternoons? I’ve read that they come back from break at 2:20pm and I have it planned to arrive at 2:10 to hopefully avoid a long wait before the parade begins.

I found that the line starts more than 10 minutes in advance. please keep in mind that the line is in the heat, we just walked away rather than suffer.

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ok, let me ask this then, since the Minnie/Daisy & Donald/Goofy meets in Storybook Circus seem to be permanent fixtures, would you say prioritizing the Jasmine and Aladdin meet for a late morning is a better option?

Earlier the better for Jasmine/Aladdin. Much better. Not so early, though, that you’re sacrificing prime ride times.

Honestly though, I’m not a huge fan of the outdoor greets, like chip and dale, jasmine, Merida, etc. Far prefer the indoor ones like Ariel, Cinderella, Mickey, etc.

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same here, but we have a goal to meet ALL the Princesses in this trip and we can’t pass up meeting Al along with her lol (GIANT children here)

If that’s the case, then it makes sense that avoiding heat is not an option. I’d still want to be in that line a little earlier than 10 minutes. If I’m wrong, you’re right by the dole whip stand.

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We were there on a low crowd day, got there mid morning and waited about 10 minutes before they showed up and we were one of the first families to see them. It’s a fun meet and greet and they play off each other. I don’t think the wait is nearly as long as say Merida. Like pp said, if you’re there a longer, grab a dole whip :slight_smile:

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oh I am SOOO grabbin’ me a Dole Whip! I like the way you people think! :slight_smile:

Jasmine and Aladdin are also at Morocco in Epcot, in case that works better. They are inside, but the wait is mostly outside, with partial shade.

Everything I’ve read has said Aladdin is no longer with her in Epcot :frowning:

Shucks! You are right. I should have checked Kenny’s site first. Just shows how things constantly change. Thanks!

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