AKL vs Beach Club and the cost

We are booked at AKL for 4 nights, beach club just opened fir our dates and this was my ideal choice for this vacation…but I hadn’t looked at the cost. For the points difference I can get 2-3 nights in a studio and so I’m wondering is it really really worth it. Also I’ll have to borrow from 2021 to be able to do it, I’m leaning towards it’s not strictly due to that fact.

Being able to walk/boat to two parks is a huge benefit of BCV. That’s why I bought my contract there. But AKL is beautiful and I wouldn’t hesitate to stay out there either and save the points. My parents stayed at Jambo last month- they thought it was kind of erie with lack of guests because rooms aren’t open to regular guests there yet. BC isn’t opened yet either…more room at SAB!

we stayed at Jambo in August so I have a good idea of what I am getting into there. I’m debating how worth it being walkable is for me especially for this trip with no kids.

I guess it depends on what you want from this trip.

Seclusion, time to chill on the balcony etc - go for AKL

Or access to Epcot for dinners / drinks in the evening, a lazy river and evening swims, walks around the lakes (inside or outside of the park) - go for BCV.

For me I wouldn’t want to be at AKL without all the activities, Victoria Falls, restaurants, international CMs. But for a quiet, secluded romantic weekend trip it would work.

AKL > BC for me every time.

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