AKL villas vs Copper Creek WL villas

I am thinking about adding on DVC points. I originally thought to add on to my contracts at AKL but WL is beautiful and tempting. There are clear advantages of WL (boat to MK, restaurants, variety) but I’m not asking about the resort, which is of course fantastic.
But in looking at the villas, the WL rooms look smaller, less comfy, and, well, less beautiful.
I’ve never stayed at WL, so have never actually seen the DVC villas. If anyone has stayed in both, could you share your thoughts?

I haven’t stayed. But WL has both Boulder Ridge and Copper Creek villas. These are not like AKL where you can book both at 11 months, they are separate.

BRV are in the separate building and are more wilderness themed in their decor. Copper Creek are the converted WL rooms, very modern looking with a galley kitchen and a hard 4 occupancy for both studios and 1-bed.

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Lol, have you been reading my texts to my family? This morning I asked them for feedback on adding on to Copper Creek or buying into AKL. Money goes a little further at AKL but I want to go in the direction that 20 years from now my son will be happy with the choice.

I have stayed in studios at Kidani and Copper Creek. Can I help?

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I’ve also stayed at AKL Jambo, Kidani and Copper Creek. Only studios though. Happy to chime in too.

I would say that my first love was Kidani because those rooms are so roomy. But, Copper Creek is my new love. Beautiful rooms, well thought out, great storage. We had a bathroom with shower (no tub) and I loved it. Rainshower head.

The biggest drawback for me with AKL is the potential to have a room that is a million steps away from everything. The room we had at Jambo was closer to Kidani than the Jambo lobby. The other thing is, there is only 1 exit at AKL. So if you are down a long hallway, you have no option but to get to the lobby to exit. (I guess there are some exits on the hotel side to get to the Mara/pool area but those aren’t DVC as far as I know). I hope that all makes sense!

Copper Creek is our home resort and if possible I would stay there at least once a year. The rooms are centrally located. We had a room on the 7th floor that basically had a private elevator that shortcutted to the pool and from there a few steps to Roaring Fork. Just ideal.


This is all incredibly helpful!
@Nickysyme, one of my questions was going to be exactly whether Boulder/Copper work like Jambo/Kidani where DVC points are interchangeable for the 11 month window. SO thanks!
@PrincipalTinker, I wasn’t lurking in your texts :slight_smile: But like you, one of my thought processes is what makes the (grown) kids happy and whether they might like to have the variety of Copper Creek along with our AKL that every one already loves as Home. How would you compare the studios? That is a good comparison. The photos of Copper Creek probably don’t do them justice, but they look small, a little cramped, and with nice but not exciting atmosphere. But maybe I’m over thinking this.
@disney1974, those are all great points! I learned early on how to request rooms that don’t get you way down the hallways. And actually you can get DVC rooms near the Mara/pool elevator with DVC points.
A HUGE difference in the one bedrooms is that the Kidani ones have 2 bathrooms, one off the main room by the kitchen and one in the master That is a big plus when you’ve got people sleeping in both rooms. Even in the Jambo one bedrooms there is lots of room so you are not tripping over one another.
But for the variety, I really am tempted by Copper Creek. I just am worried I won’t be happy with the rooms. I know for certain we would love the resort.

Have you looked at the studio walk through or the one bedrooms? Honestly, the one major reason I have been thinking about getting AKL points is because of the challenge I had with a December booking. I ended up getting the one night I want one morning at 6:00am after a couple of pretty frustrating days . I know everyone was not so lucky. As I was trying to get that booking I saw that AKL had rooms available. Boulder Ridge had rooms too.

The rooms are designed with a lot of really cool features. I loved the mirrored wall that shut off the sink area outside of the shower area. That shower is amazing ( just like CSR)!

I prefer the kitchen area in the CC studios when I compare to Kidani. The counter top color and material, just make it a little easier to wipe down.

So I have been thinking that I really need to pop down there and ask to see the rooms. Nice excuse for a quick trip to the world, isn’t it :wink:
That is a serious consideration on whether it is tough to book rooms even with the 11 month window. I was thinking to go CC because it seems to be the only way to have a chance to get something. But between Jambo and Kidani I can usually get something I want if I book reasonably ahead of time and have my planning act together. And good point on the kitchens, though I confess I don’t clean when I’m on vacation :sunglasses:
I think I see that the CC rooms are more cleverly designed to make good use of space – you can see that in the virtual walk-thrus online too. But they look and feel more like nice hotels rooms, at least from the online views, than like you are transported to the wilderness. The AKL villas really do feel almost like a living room and bedroom (i.e. home), and like you are transported to an African world apart. The savannas outside help on that too, of course!
I guess in the end I can’t lose, both are great. But I do think I need that quick reconnaissance trip to look. That’s my story to DH, and I’m sticking to it.

The touches like the bedrunners and the art work in the room are as themed as you get. They are beautiful rooms thatvwhen you look step onto your balcony you see WL all around you. AKL uses all those dark tones, CC is much lighter. When I look at the virtual tour of the 1 bedroom it does seem smaller than the one I stayed in at SSR but I don’t think SSR was more themed.


My son told me they want to stay at Copper Creek 50% of the time they are at Disney- so I go with AKL?

It would seem so. And you make me realize I just need to ask the DSs and DD whether they would ALSO like to stay sometimes at CC/WL since we already have AKL and if they say Yes, that settles it. And if they say no way, AKL is home, that settles it.
What I do if they don’t agree with one another, I don’t know!

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I guess being an only child is an advantage for my son in this.

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Already talked to DD and she is going to study the question.

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At least you got an answer. My son tends to ignore me and I really want to talk about this!

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