AKL to Hoop-de-doo?

Hello! We are staying at AKL in early September with our 3 year old. I’m interested in doing an early show of Hoop-de-doo, but can anyone give suggestions about the best way to get there, considering we are staying at AKL? Is it worth it with a 3 year old? Should we go from MK?

Yes, the easiest way would be the boat from the MK.

How about getting back? Will it be a nightmare? How long does the show usually last?

You’ll get out around 6 if you go to the first show.

There are buses for each resort waiting for guests. So, you can either go back to AKL by bus or if you want to go back to MK, take the boat back.

What time is your ADR? Taking the boat back to MK and then getting back to AKL should not be a problem.

I thought they stopped those buses?

Thank you!!! I’m thinking our little guy won’t last late into the night, so my tentative plan is to do MK for RD, and end the day around 3 or 4. I’d love to try to do Ohana one night and Hoop-de-doo another night after MK. The rest of the nights (staying for 6) we’ll probably just eat at AKL.
Any experiences with small ones that age at Hoop-de-do?
Any advice re theme park touring with little ones is appreciated as well.

No ADR yet, my booking window starts March 12, so I’m gathering info before I make any decisions.

I don’t think so. That would really screw people over. Especially for those going to the late show. Admittedly, we did go back to MK this last time so I didn’t head toward the bus pick up area.
Did you read somewhere that they stopped the resort bus service?

I’ve never heard of resort-to-resort buses, but as HDDMR is far from my line of focus, I don’t admit to having “current” info. I would definitely do the boat to MK and bus back to AKL.

They definitely have offered the resort to resort bus in the past for HDDR.
If it’s available, take it. If it isn’t, the boat situation will be awful as it would be the only option for those without their own car.

They have stopped the resort buses back from HDDR. Now they take everyone back to MK and you transfer to your resort buses there.

Not sure when they started the new system but that was happening at Christmas.


Ah, that explains why there were still buses. I guess that makes it easier for them. Tough to know how many people would need to go to which resorts.

Do you think if we do the 4pm show, and take the boat back to MK and then a bus from there to home (AKL lol) it won’t be too crazy busy? I’m trying to be mindful of 3 yr old overtiredness and avoid meltdowns. I would rather skip Hoop-de-doo than get caught in a major crush. MK is only crowd rated a 2 on the days we are planning to go.

I don’t think that it will be as “wild, crazy busy” as you are thinking right now. The show doesn’t seat THAT many people that it really gets super crazy. We went to an early show a couple of years ago in September and it was not sold out to the point that they did not seat anyone upstairs. We booked category 2 and sat in the front row. We drove so I can’t comment specifically on the boat, but I can’t imagine that it will be that much of a free for all. Maybe someone else can comment on exactly how many people Frontier Hall seats, but I don’t think it is that many.

Found it! The hall seats 362 people when full.

The last 2 times we went, they didn’t sell the balcony level at all. The boats hold a lot of people and it’s a short ride back to MK. Once there, you just go from the dock to the bus. I think it’ll be fine. One really nice thing about the deluxe buses is that they are rarely full. I think I’ve only had to stand once. Since this won’t be at closing time, it certainly won’t be full.

That’s really helpful, thank you! I’ve never done DW with a toddler lol so I’m nervous!

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Back in October our family did Hoop-Dee-Doo and after we decided to have a little race back to AKL where we were staying. DS10 and I took boats to MK and then bus to AKL. My wife and DS7 went to the bus stop. I think they bussed back to MK and then to AKL. Result: We got a picture of them in the room while we were waiting for a bus at MK. It was a long line for the boat back to MK.

We did ride the boat from MK to get there. But, it was our first day there and wanted to get close to MK and were in plenty of time for a nice relaxing boat ride.

My boys loved the show, asking to do it again this time, but they are a little older than your 3yo. Enjoy!


Agree with everyone else - boat to MK and bus back to AKL especially for early show should not be a problem whatsoever. We absolutely love HDDR, but when we took our kids, the youngest was 7. Don’t know about a 3 year old to be honest - it’s adult humor (clean adult humor) I would think a 3 year old may enjoy Ohana more. What about leaving your child with the babysitting services at AKL? That may not be an option for you, but it could give you a fun date night at HDDR - I know this is not what you were asking, so forgive me if I overstepped