AKL- swim before and after checkin/out?

Staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge…

We are arriving on a Wednesday around 11 AM and assuming our room isn’t ready, can we swim while we wait? (No park plans on arrival day).

Our departure flight is at 6:40 PM on a Tuesday (so I assume be on the bus by 3:40 PM). Can we check out at 11, have lunch and swim at the hotel until 3:40?

Yes to both.


For those who have done it (especially on departure day) any tips for drying off and getting dressed without a room? Lobby bathrooms I suppose? Gotta love having wet bathing suits in your carry on. :slight_smile:

Both Kidani and Jambo have changing areas/showers near the pool.

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Yaaaasss!!! I feel so much better now. Thank you.

As you can probably tell, we made the switch from French Quarter to Animal Kingdom Lodge AND we added the dining plan so now I feel like I’m starting a whole new vacation. So exciting! Thanks for all of your help. I’ll be sending my room request ASAP!

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Yes and yes. There are great locker rooms where you can change and bell devices can hold you carry on and stuff til you’re ready to go. Have done this! It’s a great way to relax before heading home.

If you are at Jambo, there is a large bathroom, and showers. There are lickers outside the area. It is right near the Mara.

Large zip lock bags!!!


I think you’d need to check in first, but that is different from your room being ready. Once you’ve checked in, you are a resort guest and can use all the facilities of the resort.

And after you’ve checked out you can use the facilities for the rest of the day. You might need to ask them for a wrist band or validate your magic band to get into the pool area if it’s gated.

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As far as drying off, there are towels available at the pool, so all you really need is to be sure your swimsuits are in your carryon.

I believe AKL’s pool fence is gated but you do not scan your MB?

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You do if you go through the back gate by the Rafiki’s elevator. Not sure about the main gate.

Ohhhh, unless you mean the one at Jambo, not Kidani … !

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I believe they have have removed the scanners. There was a concern that they would delay emergency responders. I do not remember scanning into the Kidani pool in October.

I have never scanned in at Jambo

We have swum successfully after checkout and before our flight at WL showers and towels were great and @OBNurseNH is right on pack ziplock bags so you can put your wet suits in your carry on for the flight home!