My requests to my TA: AKL - view of the savannah 4 disney adults and 1 under 3

I got booked the AKL deluxe studio- but I keep seeing that referred to as DVC - but we arent DVC member? I saw the bunkbed rooms which would be PERFECT but the werent an option for us for some reason (Feb 23- March 1 2020)

We got the Resort Room discount that is going on

Did I screw up? Is there anyway to up the possibility of getting pixie dusted into a bunk bed room?

TP Room guide thingy doesnt show ANY of the deluxe studios as a top pick and now I am worried :frowning:

Also I am a newbie who knows nothing… so responses like you are teaching a kindergartener how to add 1 + 1 would be GREAT

Deluxe Studios are DVC

A percentage of DVC rooms are available for cash reservation - like the reservation you evidently have

Hooray for the discount on that.

Studios are located mainly in Kidani, but there are a few in Jambo. Same resort, two buildings.

Nothing to be worried over.

As for bunks, it’s my understanding they are going away at all resorts. Not sure why and I think it’s a bad move as we (with a boy/girl sibling set) always loved getting bunks. But there are no bunks at all in Deluxe Studios.


How do I know If I am in Jambo or Kidani?

Is the deluxe studio a bad choice? I am not seeing where TP likes it?? Or maybe I am not looking right?

actually my reservation only says room type: Savanna View… it doesnt say studio (so maybe I am ok?)

If it doesn’t say deluxe studio then I am confused by your first post in which I thought you were saying you got booked in a deluxe studio.

Bunkbed rooms were (are?) a bookable category that come with a small upcharge. So if you wanted a bunkbed room (and they are still available) you can ask your TA to modify your reservation. Not sure the discount would apply to those rooms.

I guess I’m confused why you are worried at all? What is the concern you have?

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The DVC part confused me.

But I found out that I am not in a deluxe studio (that was just discussed but we ultimately got a Savannah room book instead)

Now my question is I called disney and the operator said that we got a savanna room that was 2 queens in animal kingdom lodge and that was a different place from jambo house or kidani .
Where the heck is animal kingdom lodge then? All the maps I see just show jambo and kidani

Can I request a certain savanna view or no? On the room section of touring plans it has akusha savanna/2 queen bed and savanna view/2 queen bed… is there a specific one I need to be looking at?

Also can I request a 1 queen 1 bunk savanna view even though my rezi is for a 2 queen? Or is that frowned upon

Animal Kingdom Lodge = Jambo (hotel) + Kidani (DVC)

Animal Kingdom park is separate. I’m thinking this is what she was referring to

Bunks are a bookable category and you have to pay for that accommodation. You should not request an accommodation for which you did not pay (and bunks do cost more than 2 queens)

You can request any savanna view you like.

thank you!!. Man I wish the agent at disney helped as much as you just did!!


I also wanted to book the bunks at AKL. I checked multiple dates. Nothing was available. They are doing some work at AKL to renovate the rooms. Maybe they are getting rid of all the bunks as said above. A shame. My kids sleep so much better in separate beds, but aren’t old enough to be in a separate room yet.

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I hate that… ughh… oh well.
We will make due with 2 queens. Maybe we can get a blowup mattress to separate my sons

I’m hoping they put in some of the small fold-up child size beds in the rooms with the queens. It would work for us for a few more years as our youngest is only 3. Not sure how big a child can be and comfortably fit in those.

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My almost 12yo son does fine and loves them

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Wouldn’t that be GREAT!!!