AKL Standard View

Any good experiences with standard view, or do we need to spring for Savannah? (I can’t get the TP room finder to work for AKL). All room suggestions are appreciated!! TIA

Jumbo House? Room 4218


I’m requesting 4322 for our October trip… It’s a standard view but with bunk beds!!

Thanks! Yes - the Jambo house : )

I looked at that view in the past and it looks wonderful. I have found that I enjoy being close to the lobby. That area is a way down the hallway, isn’t it?

It will be our first time at akl so not sure how far down it “really” is but that never bothers us anyways plus we are only staying one night. Just fingers crossed for a good view and bunk beds… Ds5 will flip out! Your view looks great too! So excited to try akl out!!!

You will love it! It is my favorite resort!

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We recently stayed in 3220 and loved it. We saw giraffes and a variety of other animals everyday. I liked being close to the lobby and not needing to take elevator or stairs…no issues with noise either.

Oh! I was wondering about that view! One floor lower but same area (wow- right off lobby!)- was it too low? Photos?

Is that kudu trail? I think we were in a room close to there on 4th floor (one up from lobby). I really liked it. Close to lobby, animals every day and we walked past the ice machine so I got used to filling up our drinks bottles with ice on our way out for a cool drink later in the day. Highly recommend that area.

Thanks for the pictures! Yes! Looks like the exact same area! Wow! The 3rd floor looks great too!