AKL Standard View Room (Partial Savannah View) or Savannah View

Since the animals aren’t always out is it worth booking a savannah view room? We have one currently booked. But now I am wondering if we should change to a standard view room with request for a partial savannah view; since it sounds like those rooms have good animal views. Our current request for best animal view,king bed (since we think that will give us more room for the pack n play), and close to lobby. We picked savannah view so we could take our 2.5 year old daughter out on the balcony in the early morning (before going to the parks), afternoon (when go back to the hotel for midday break), or evening to see he animals with such ease and convenience from the balcony. Is it worth the extra cost for savnnah view room for 7 nights? How many standard rooms have partial savannah views that you can see animals from? We would also like to be close to the lobby. What sanvannah is best for viewing animals especially in the early morning and early evening?

How important is it to you? Don’t forget a request is just that. They can’t give everyone who asks for a partial savannah view what they want.

Having said that, there are plenty of places to view the animals from, so unless it’s vitally important to be able to sit on your own balcony, I would save the money.

Only you can decide what us best for your trip but after paying for a savanna view last trip, honestly I have had better standard view rooms. Of course, my stay was messed up and I question if it really was tap savanna view.

I love rooms 3216-3238 (lobby floor) or 4216-4238 (one floor up). I will post views from 4238 and 4218:

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Are these standard rooms or savanna view rooms principal tinker? Are these rooms close to the lobby/pool/bus area?

“Worth” is too subjective to really answer. We had a savanna view room and had animals eery morning when we got up and every afternoon when we came back to the room to transition for dinner. DW stayed at the resort one day when I went into the parks and she watched the animals all day. Personally, I couldn’t imagine staying at AKL without seeing animals from my room, and I wouldn’t want to “risk” not getting a partial view and looking over a parking lot instead.

bswan26 what room were you in and how long ago was it?

These views are all from standard view rooms. The 3rd floor is the lobby so 3216-3224 would be very close (look at the touring plans room finder). These views are from the 4th floor. There is a wall directly under the balconies that extends out to a drive way area for the feeding trucks as you head down the hallway away from the lobby (rooms around 3230 and above). There is also another wing further from the lobby that has good views. On the other side of the lobby you may have more of a partial pool view?

We loved watching the animals from our balcony! We have a 3 and 6 year old and spent some time in our room every afternoon. The girls loved watching the animals while they had a snack on the balcony. And DH and I sat out and watched the animals almost every night after the girls went to bed. One night we had a giraffe come super close to us and it was amazing! It was definitely worth it to us for our first trip to AKL.

That said, I think if (when!) we got back to AKL, we may go for the pool view category. We could save a bit of money that way and as others have said, there are a lot of viewing areas around the resort. I wouldn’t want to risk having a view of the parking lot, but I think I’d be ok with a pool view and our kids will be a little older so we’ll likely be spending less time in the room.