AKL - Standard Room or Savannah Room (potential mislabel)

I’m looking at requesting a room and the one I’m looking at looks like it’s considered Standard View but I don’t see how it’s not Savannah view. Kidani Village, Building 2, 5th floor - 7532 & 7526
From looking at the floor below’s view there isn’t anything in the way and it seems like they might be mislabeled. I’m just checking in here because I don’t want to request that room and then find out in check in that I requested a Savannah view room for my standard reservation.
I appreciate any feedback and if this isn’t the right place to post/ask this, I apologize in advance.

Did you book a 2-bedroom? It looks like those are the bigger rooms.

Yes, we booked a 2 bedroom Standard View @ Kidani through David’s DVC. I wanted to add a room number request to our reservation but didn’t want to get it wrong. This is my first time using them to stay onsite at Disney.

Maybe someone else knows better, but I thought DVC requests had to go through the owner.

You can definitely use the TP request. I actually have had better luck with that. When I have called member services as an owner it has been a more general request (high floor).

They do if you want to do it “through Disney”, or DVC in this case.

But you can still use a TP room request. Actually now that room assignments have been centralised, the chances may actually be better that the TP request gets looked at. Previously when it was left to the individual resort, there were some resorts that routinely ignored any requests other than those on the DVC system.

I think there is a mislabel. I looked at the floor plan and 7532 and 7526 are both on the inner, savannah-facing side of the hallways.

I intend on covering all my bases and doing it both through the DVC owner and TP. I just thought that room looked too good to be true for a standard view and wanted a couple more opinions. I appreciate y’alls input!

I wonder if those look out onto a pen rather than savanna? Those are used for emergency evacuations , and would block the view of the actual savanna.

That’s what I thought initially too, so I went down a floor for their room view and it was stunning. I started to think maybe the trees block your view but there are no trees close to the hotel there (from the floor below view). I’m just going to play it safe and request the rooms where it tapers and is fenced overlooking the Pembe savannah instead. I just thought my kids (4 & 2) would enjoy the giraffes more than the hogs, but as my daughter tells me “you get what you get and you don’t throw a fit.”
In the past we rented a house but that was pre-children and it was so much simpler with adults only (mostly), now I’m just looking to keep it simple.
Our trip isn’t until November, I’m just so excited that it’s a Disney year!