AKL Savannah view?

I’ve booked a standard view room for our late August trip, but I’m having second thoughts. In the past, we’ve had Savannah View and I absolutely adored hanging out on the balcony having my coffee in the morning while the others in my room sleep. But even with the Disney credit card discount, it will be an extra $100/night for Savannah view, and we’ve got a 5 night stay, so I decided to save the money. What are the chances that we can get a standard view room that will still give me a balcony with even a limited view?

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This is a Jambo regular cash room? Room 3216-3238 or 4216-4238


I think in Jambo there’s a chance. But at Kidani, I think you’re out of luck. I’ve had a standard view DVC studio at Jambo that had at least a partial savanna view 2 out of 3 times.


Thanks! I’ll put in a room request and cross my fingers!

I am 1/1 Standard View with a view of the pool. Nice view, but not the savanna! So make peace with the fact that standard view will not give you a savanna view, but you can still have a great time and enjoy the resort.